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How To Maintain Window Shutters All Year Round

Window shutter maintenance can also be greatly aided by using a little caution when operating them. Use a wrench to tighten or loosen the nut at the top of a shutter panel.

If the blinds are too rigid to function or too free to retain the louvers, call the professionals for help. With the right tension, operating your shutters will be simpler and need less force.

Here are a few ways to maintain window shutters and stop them from being the victim of environmental effects.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

Shutters can be made from various materials, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, or a hardwood plywood, to mention a few.

No matter the type, window shutters can be dusted with a clean microfiber sponge. However, it would help if you exercise caution when deep washing them because certain materials are more delicate than others.

Regularly Wipe Away Dust

Close down the window shutters as firmly as you can and use a clean fabric or microfiber rag, a dry shirt placed around your hand, or a dry cotton cloth to clean the dirt off each blade to maintain window shutters.

Keep in mind that you should begin working your way from the highest slat. As an alternative, you might use vacuuming on a medium speed with a tiny dry bristle attachment. Continue the operation while rotating the panels.

To Maintain Shutters Bright, Use A Damp Cloth.

Every week, clean internal window shutters with just a moist cloth to remove dirt accumulation, particularly around the joints and at the edges of the louvers. Use a paint roller or paintbrush in the joints and crevices to remove any obstinate dirt or dust.

Depending on the season where you live, outside shutters may only need to be cleaned with a wet cloth once each month. Regularly wiping them down with a moist cloth minimizes the need for frequent deep cleaning.

Every Month, Clean The Exterior Shutter Hinges.

Cleaning and lubricating outside shutter joints monthly is good practice if you reside in a region with a lot of pollution, dirt, and filth. It’s simple to remedy stiff or noisy hinges by using a dab of household grease.

Remove any debris with a brush before applying a drop of lubrication or oil to the hinge’s apex directly beneath the pivot pin’s tip. Then repeatedly open or close the flaps to allow the lubricant to enter. The shutters will always swing if you do this.

Eliminating Stains on Shutters

While spots can be inconvenient, the majority of them can be eliminated by stain removal with the right cleaning fluid. After treating the stain with a clean towel, rinse it off and pat it dry. If the stain is really difficult to remove, more than one treatment may be required.


It is important to remain consistent with the cleaning if you wish to maintain window shutters. If your window shutters are beyond repair, then give a quick call to the nearest shutter company and install new ones.